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Advance Endorsement for Sky Above Clouds


At various times in one’s life and especially during an illness, it is vital to be able to creatively assess, interpret, and react to your situation. Loss is inevitable but true strength, power and hope are found in how we experience and make sense of loss. In this book, there is a sense of continuity despite the chaos of time; there is endurance despite change. Emotional movement that varies from loss, to reflection, to hope, to new futures is a chain that is repeated within smaller sections as well as in the book as a whole.  I felt that as a person reading this book, I needed to know that people can survive loss, not that they’re unchanged by it, but that they are not destroyed. The elements of this book come together into full consciousness, creating a special gift of insight.


Kate de Medeiros, Ph.D, Blayney Associate Professor of Sociology and Gerontology, Miami University, author of Narrative Gerontology in Research and Practice 

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