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Sky Above Clouds and Wendy were recently featured on the following podcasts:

This is Getting Old: Moving Towards an Age-Friendly World Podcast Episode 39. This special series is sponsored by a 2020 George Washington (GW) University’s University Seminar Series award, Towards Age-Friendly, and is brought to you by Melissa B. Ph.D. in collaboration with GW’s Center for Aging, Health and Humanities. Click here to listen to this podcast.


A Panel Discussion on Gene Cohen’s Legacy on Aging, Health & Creativity. This panel consisted of Dr. Wendy Miller, art therapist, mental health expert, and the widow of Dr. Gene Cohen, along with Berna Huebner, President & Founder of the Hilgos Foundation, with Dr. Marc Agronin, adult & geriatric psychiatrist, Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health at Miami Jewish Health. Listen as they discuss their work, influences, and how the late Dr. Gene Cohen, one of the founding fathers in geriatric and dementia care, changed America’s (and other country’s) concept on aging. His influence and legacy remain current in today’s medicine. The panel shares their views on what’s working and where we need improvement in treating older adults, particularly those living with dementia. Click here to listen to this podcast. 


Angel Duncan's N2Creative Aging Podcast with Dr. Wendy Miller on her life’s work and passion in psychology, art therapy, and the mind-body connection. Dr. Miller discusses what sings to her soul with her influences, art, and ways to listen to your inner whispers on creativity in life. Click here to listen to this podcast.


The Mindfully Creative Podcast with Sharon Burton's 10th episode. Click here to listen to this podcast.


Advocates and Experts with Bonnie Friedman's opening episode: Life, Illness, and Creativity. Click here to listen

to this podcast.

Creativity on Growing an Elder Culture Radio's January episode. Click here to listen to this podcast.

Widowhood on Growing an Elder Culture Radio's February episode. Click here to listen to this podcast.